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Geschäftsgebäude IFU Schallschutz

Welcome to IFU – one of the leading suppliers of technical noise protection solutions. Since 1979, we have been bringing silence wherever there is noise.

IFU is a reliable and flexible partner for customers worldwide when it comes to the planning, development and manufacturing of complex noise protection components. Thanks to our longstanding experience in the field and innovative ideas, we are a one-stop supplier of customised solutions.

We offer environmentally suitable and economically intelligent products, which are developed and manufactured by an experienced team of engineers, design engineers and manufacturing professionals.

Range of products and services

IFU GmbH covers the entire range of complex noise protection solutions. Right from the planning and development up to the manufacturing of noise hoods, silencers, ventilation and exhaust systems. We thereby take into account all relevant national as well as international standards and also always have the individual requirements of our customers in mind.

IFU Produkte und Service
IFU Produkte und Service

Solutions from the specialist

Longstanding experience and a competent team make us a strong as well as flexible partner, irrespective of whether production of complex systems, individual system components or repairing and modification of existing systems is required.

Right from the complete system to the replacement part

Besides development and manufacturing, we obviously also offer replacement parts for all components. Our experts are happy to support you during the assembly.

Customised service and training

A full offer of professional service, support and training completes our profile. We are in the position to offer our customers target-oriented products and solutions for the most varied branches of industry. We thereby adjust all services exactly to individual requirements.

360° Engineering

IFU 360° Engineering

Independent from whether it is about erection of a new complex system or repairing of a simple device – our experienced team of engineers and technicians finds the optimal technical solution for every challenge: quickly, far-sightedly and cost-efficiently.

Everything under one roof

For you, we undertake the technical planning of noise protection, heat protection and ventilation systems – including 3D view and all required calculations.

We are, since 1995, DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certified.


Just like the employees of IFU GmbH, our management too is always prepared to listen to the needs of our customers. The members of the business and project management have longstanding experience in the sector and are characterised by excellent technical and market understanding.


Claudia Ciesla-Raape – managing director (CFO)
Bernd Herzing – managing director (COO)

Project management:

Kai Müller – project manager (Sales)


Karriere bei IFU

We look forward to seeing you

The ideas, talents and the know-how of our employees are the basis of our corporate success. We therefore consciously invest in the personal and professional further development of our team. Day after day, we strive towards a corporate culture, in which one can not only work well, but can also grow as an individual.

Are you interested in a versatile as well as demanding place of work, which opens attractive development opportunities for you? Then we are looking forward to your application.

Currently, all our positions are occupied.


Trainees welcome

IFU bildet aus

IFU GmbH obviously also trains new qualified personnel.

We are a recognized training company of IHK.

Suction systems

Filter suction systems usually comprise a 2-stage, weatherproof construction, which is provided with a downstream absorption silencer depending on acoustic requirements.

Tailored to the respective customer requirements and installation requirements, you get our specially prepared service package with corresponding components such as anti-icing, under- / overpressure flaps, lighting, pressure transmitter and much more.

If required, the acoustically effective part can also be installed in the respective suction pipe system. In cases, where the acoustic demand is rather low, it can be completely omitted.

One hereby differentiates between:

  • Multi-stage / static filter systems
  • Suction channels
  • Combined systems with an integrated silencer

Filter suction system, 2-stages incl. hot air anti-icing system with silencer,
60.000 Bm³/h, completely made of 1.4301
Filter suction system, 2 stages incl. IR anti-icing
system, with silencer, 180.000 Bm³/h, housing galvanized
with powder coating, internals made of 1.4301,
incl. lighting system + supporting structure


The different acoustic requirements in the process need individual solutions as regards the silencers used. Depending on the application, we construct our pressure, suction and blow-off silencers according to the absorption, expansion or reflection damping principle. Depending on the scope of application and the acoustic requirement, a combination of different damping principles is possible.

Absorption silencers

Absorption silencers work according to the absorption damping principle. This means, the sound energy within the gas flow is converted into thermal energy through the friction on the absorption material of the silencer.

Reflection silencers (resonators / lambda/4)

Resonators work according to the reflection damping principle. Here, the sound waves within a certain frequency range are reflected inside the silencer. Due to the exactly calculated dimensions, the reflected and the original sound waves cancel each other out. These silencers are especially suited for dust-laden media.

Blow-off and suction silencers for vaporizer, housing and internals made of 1.4301, supporting structure included

Suction silencer, 10bar, housing made of P265GH with coating,
internals made of galvanized steel

Suction silencers

Suction silencers are used mainly at the suction side of compressor units.

One basically distinguishes between pressure-operated and atmospheric intake silencers. Pressure-operated silencers are, unlike atmospheric intake silencers, subject to acceptance – e.g. as per PED 97/23/EC [Pressure Equipment Directive].

Depending on the destination, these are manufactured in accordance with the stipulated regulations such as PED (97/23/EC) [Pressure Equipment Directive], AD instruction leaflets, ASME Section VIII Div. 1, U-Stamp, China Stamp (SQL), GOST and others.

Material variants:
C-steel, stainless steel or even artificial materials

Discharge silencer, 2.520 m³/h, 36bar, housing made of P265GH with coating,
internals made of galvanized steel

Pressure silencers

Pressure silencers are used to reduce the noise level within the pipe behind a machine. These silencers are pressure vessels and are thus subject to acceptance from 0.5 bar(g) onwards.

Depending on the destination, these are manufactured in accordance with the stipulated regulations such as PED (97/23/EC) [Pressure Equipment Directive], AD instruction leaflets, ASME Section VIII Div. 1, U-Stamp, China Stamp (SQL), GOST and others.

Material variants:
C-steel, stainless steel

Blow-off silencer, 45.200 Bm³/h, housing made of P235GH with coating,
internals made of 1.4301

Blow-off silencers

During the blow-off process, a sound power level of over 150 dB(A) may arise – an enormous load for humans and environment. But blow-off silencers considerably minimise the noise levels generated by blow-off valves and shut-off flaps.

An integral part of the blow-off silencer is a decompression unit, which serves for pressure reduction.

An acceptance according to Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC through a notified body is not necessary, since blow-off silencers are not pressure vessels.

Material variants:
C-steel, stainless steel or even artificial materials

Exhaust systems

IFU is your competent contact for the manufacturing of new complex exhaust systems or individual system components and for the repairing of existing systems.

Special case: exhaust-side noise protection

Requirements on the exhaust-side noise protection of a gas turbine are particularly high. Besides the adherence to legally prescribed noise immissions, special material properties should also be considered here.

Materials for high temperatures

The exhaust temperatures of gas turbines reach 500 to 650°C. In order to guarantee the stability of the system, particularly temperature-resistant materials should be used. This must be taken into account when planning the sections and the acoustic components.

Finite elements method

The expansion properties are calculated with the help of the finite elements method. Based on its results, the required reinforcing and supporting of the exhaust system can be optimised.

Exhaust systems are designed individually and mainly comprise the following components:

Exhaust duct for FT 8 (workshop picture)
Exhaust plenum for GT Frame 6
Exhaust system, 165.600 Bm³/h, 528°C, completely made of 1.4571, with isolation, internals made of 1.4571

Noise hoods

If noise at its place of origin cannot be avoided, the spreading of the noise can often be reduced only with a sound absorbing hood. It covers the noise source.

Individual total concepts

Depending on the acoustic requirements, we develop an individual total concept for every customer. We plan hoods for halls as well as for free field installations. As far as possible, we thereby bank on element design that is easy to assemble and disassemble.

Well thought-out technology

For an optimal acoustic result, we recommend a machine installation with isolation against structure-borne noise. Possible heat accumulations through emitted heat energy can be avoided with sufficiently dimensioned sound-insulated supply air and exhaust air systems. If required, the static designing is done in accordance with applicable regulations, depending on the place of installation.

Our scope of delivery includes:

  • Noise hoods for gas turbines
  • Noise hoods for compressor units
  • Noise hoods for gear units and motors
  • Noise hoods for pumps and other units
  • Noise hoods for test benches
  • Heat protection / weather protection hoods

Noise protection enclosure, made of 1.4404 with CED and powder coating, ventilation system with electrical actuated flaps, lighting system
Noise protection enclosure, made of 1.4571, lighting system for 500lux
Noise protection enclosure, completely galvanized steel, EI30, ventilation system with electric actuated flaps, overpressure flap, lighting system


Customised technology assumes that all circumstances are exactly recorded and analysed at the forefront – evaluation of all parameters is thus a solid part of our consultation services.

Acoustic measurements and calculations

In order to be able to fall back on well-founded data, our development work is preceded by extensive acoustic measurements or calculations. Subsequent to these, we outline the 3D view of the systems with the help of the latest CAD systems and create the acoustic as well as mechanical design of the silencers for you.

Statics and engineering

Besides stability calculations and statics, we provide engineering services in accordance with the stipulated regulations and customer specifications.

Special manufactures and other standard products

IFU GmbH offers its customers the entire range of high-quality acoustic solutions. Besides suction systems, silencers, exhaust systems and noise hoods, the following components too belong to our portfolio:

  • Ventilation systems
  • Heat, cold and sound insulations
  • Replacement and wearing parts
  • Special components
  • Cooler bundle extracting devices
  • Assemblies and construction supervision
  • Reconstruction measures and modifications of existing systems
  • Vibration dampers
  • Compensators

Cooler bundle removal device

None of these product solutions corresponds to your ideas? Then please contact us. We would be glad to develop a technical solution for you that is exactly tailored to your requirements.

References worldwide

Technology made by IFU is used worldwide to protect the environment and people from excessive noise loads.

If you want a detailed list of references, we would be glad to send it to you.



Why we do what we do

Industrialisation and technical progress have brought many benefits to man. But undoubtedly, there are disadvantages too. Because, the increasing noise pollution through industrial processes impairs the health and efficiency and also reduces the quality of the environment. Efficient noise protection is thus decisive more than ever.


More environmental quality, less noise

IFU GmbH has set itself to improve the environmental quality sustainably through an extensive range of products in the complex field of sound protection. As well as through technical solutions, which do justice to legal requirements and the requirements of national and international customers. We specifically implement strict quality assurance measures in the conception phase itself as well as in the entire product development process.

Quality, economic efficiency, safety

We have consciously set high product and service quality, optimal economic efficiency and maximum safety for people and environment as our corporate principles. According to us, ensuring perfect quality is everyone’s job.

State of the art research and technology

Customer satisfaction and environmental protection are the most important objectives of our work. We therefore continuously optimise our construction and calculation methods according to the state of the art science and technology. Just as naturally, we commission only qualified suppliers with the manufacturing of our products.



We are glad to provide you important terms of business and templates also as downloads. Simply download documents that are relevant for you.

More information about our company

Data sheets:

Please contact us if you want more information.


Do you have questions about our products? Do you want to know more about us, our scope of services or our service? Do you want a personal planning discussion or non-binding consultation? Do not hesitate to contact us! You can reach us at:

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